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We've all been there - you're on schedule for your day of work, errands, maybe visiting a friend, when all of a sudden your car won't start! If there is no power at all and your vehicle is unresponsive, you've probably got a dead battery. This could be due to any number of things such as cold weather, the alternator going out, or even just the battery being old. One thing is for sure; without a working battery your car is out of commission. Thankfully Towing Tacoma can get to you fast - whether you're stranded roadside or never got to leave your driveway. We can provide a jump to your battery that should get you a safe distance, but even if that does work we will recommend having it checked out by a shop.

The average car battery only has a life expectancy of two to three years. You're probably thinking, “WOW! That's not long at all.” It's true, but we typically use our car batteries for much longer than that. If it's not broke, don't fix it, right? Well, not always. Your car may be running smooth but if you do see or hear any warning signs that your battery is failing then preventative maintenance is always the best way to go. The biggest warning sign that comes before a dead battery is having trouble starting your car. You shouldn't have to press on the gas and keep cranking the key just to get your car to start on a regular basis.

With that being said, it is perfectly normal for extremely cold temperatures to affect a battery. Here in Washington we've seen some cold winters lately and an average battery will have some trouble with it. When the temperature is less than 32 degrees Fahrenheit car batteries only put out 1/3 of their power, and at below zero less than 1/2 their power. So no matter how new or in good shape your car is, it could be affected in a way that's out of your control. Because the battery is charged by the alternator and also works in conjunction with the starter, solenoid, terminal, and cables, etc., a dead battery could also be caused by a problem with any of those car parts. Leaving lights or other devices on while the car is off is another sure-fire way to drain the battery.

Whatever the reason for your battery's malfunction, the first step in getting back on the road is usually always a jump start. If the jump doesn't work, we'll provide a tow and make sure you get home safely! Our team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call Towing Tacoma now to dispatch one of our mechanics to help jump your dead battery!

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